logo roberts bakeryIn 2012 Cheshire based Roberts Bakery took the decision to increase their production capacity, as sales were increasing and the existing bakery could not keep up with demand. They contacted Dale Automation in the UK looking for proposals for the best solution for their requirements. The new Greenfield facility had to produce 7000 loaves per hour, be fully automated and be capable of producing all the bakeries existing product lines.

The concept was developed working closely with Roberts appointed project engineering team and the bakery staff over the next 8 months, including a number of reference site visits, until the best solution was reached and the go ahead was given to start production of the new equipment.

Dale Automation were awarded the contract for all the conveying systems for the new facility including pans, lids and product for the supply of a twin Gantry pan storage and retrieval system capable of storing four different pan types.

All the conveyors are fitted with Modular Belting supplied by Blue Belt, a sister company of Dale Automation. In addition, Dale Automation, were awarded the contract for a new Spiral First Prover and Dough Conveyor System, utilising the new Diamond Pattern Modular Belt from Blue Belt. This innovative belt is designed to minimise dough sticking to the conveyors by providing small air pockets under the belt to help with dough release.

The new equipment was constructed in the UK and at Dale Automation’s Manufacturing plant in South Africa and was shipped over the following 9 months. The new plant was installed over a 12 week period and commissioned in September 2014.

The new facility produced sale-able products from virtually the first loaf produced and is now seen as Roberts flagship facility,  producing the benchmark product for the site.

Dale Automation and sister company Blue Belt are proud to have been chosen to be involved in this prestigious project and to have helped produce a world class facility for Roberts Bakery.


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